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Jizo Buddha Volcanic Stone Statue

Only one remaining!

Perhaps one of the most revered Japanese dieties, the Jizo Buddha embodies spiritual optimism, compassion and universal salvation and answering the prayers for health, children and success.

It is believed that Jizo achieved enlightenment but post-poned Buddhahood until all on earth can be saved. Jizo has two equally important translations. "JI" meaning womb and "ZO" meaning earth - Womb of the Earth and also "repository of Treasure" which is translated as Earth treasure.

Made from volcanic stone of Bali with an antique brown finish, this beautifully detailed Jizo Buddha statue will add beauty and charm to any room or outdoor space. This substantial statue measures 16" in height, 7" in width and 5 1/2" in depth. It weighs 21 lbs.

SALE $59.00(Reg. $69.00)