Morning Star Mimosa Incense

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Morning Star Mimosa Value Box

Nippon Kodo created the Morning Star incense line 50 years ago. Today it is the best selling stick incense for daily use. Morning Star is favored not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

Mimosa is a soft and fresh scent with light overtones, allowing your inner senses to come alive. Mimosa is a Chinese botanical believed to help relieve anxiety, stress and depression. The Morning Star incense collection is crafted with high quality ingredients including pure floral essences and natural aromatic woods. Japanese incense is a perfect way to create a stimulating atmosphere for prayer, meditation, yoga or simply relaxing in your sacred space.

This value pack includes 200 incense sticks and a ceramic tile incense burner. Morning Star incense contain no bamboo core so there is no wood odor when burning. This allows you to enjoy the true fragrance experience of the incense. Morning Star is a low smoke incense. Box contains 200 stick incense. Sticks measure 4 3/4" in length and have an approximate burn time of 25 minutes.