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Morning Star Sandalwood Value Box

Nippon Kodo has been producing fine incense for over 400 years. Morning Star stick incense was introduced in the 1960's. Today, Morning Star incense is a best-seller for daily use around the world.

One of the most common meditation tools or meditation accessories is incense.
In particular, Sandalwood is among the most popular incense fragrances for daily practice. Sandalwood is a tree that grows in Asia and East India. The enlightening aroma is derived from the wood of the tree, not the leaves or flowers. Sandalwood produces a warm and comforting fragrance that helps mindfulness, clearing of the mind, as well as a feeling of calm and peace. On the playful side, sandalwood incense fragrance has often been considered an aphrodisiac. Burning incense can help to create a romantic mood.

This value box contains 200 stick incense. Morning Star contains no bamboo core, which allows you to enjoy and experience the pure scent of the sandalwood, rather than burning bamboo wood. A decorative ceramic tile is included. These slow burning, low smoke incense sticks measure 4 3/4" in length and have an approximate burn time of 25 minutes.