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Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench

The Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench is the portable style of the original Pi Meditation Bench. This foldable premium meditation bench facilitates correct spinal, physical and energetic alignment when meditating in the traditional kneeling, or seiza position. The intelligently crafted design feature of this bench removes pressure on the knees allowing for optional leg positions. This meditation bench is ideal for those who have difficulty meditating in the cross-legged position.

Ergonomically designed to support stability and promote even weight distribution at its greatest point, the legs of the bench are centered beneath the seat. The angle of your sitting position can be adjusted to your personal comfort with it's rounded and contoured legs.

Beautifully hand-crafted in the USA from premium select hardwoods, the color and wood grain markings of each bench are unique and the color may vary from a honey tone to a lighter natural oak. The bench has a beautiful semi-gloss finish. It measures 7 1/4" tall, the seat is 17" wide and 7" deep. The meditation bench uses a simple locking mechanism to secure the bench during your meditation session.