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Shoyeido - Joy & Love Gift Set

The Joy & Love Gift Set from Shoyeido offers one bundle each of Joy and Love, with a custom-made koh porcelain holder, in an elegant Japanese paper-covered box. Discover tea leaves, sandalwood, clove, vanilla and spices in this unique Joy blend. Experience sandalwood, balsam tolu, tarragon and spices in the Love blend. Each blend has 35 sticks, measuring 5 1/4" long. Approximate burning time is 30 minutes per stick. The gift box measures 2" x 8 1/4".

Shoyeido incense is considered to be the highest quality incense in the world. This unique incense is hand-blended from the finest natural ingredients, using expertise that has been refined and perfected over 300 years. Shoyeido has preserved family tradition and secret recipes. In addition, Shoyeido's master blenders create new and innovative products combining centuries of experience with new world technologies.


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