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Shoyeido Reflections Gift Set

Shoyeido Reflections Gift Set. A Chopa "Best Value" gift set. Special offering; set contains a bundle each of "Nokiba", fragrant Moss Garden, light-hearted, like background music. "Kyo-nishiki", Kyoto Autumn Leaves, reflective, inspiration, energy, and insight. Also included, Kin-Kaku, Golden Pavilion; Ceremonial, distinctive, atmospheric incense. Each set includes a colorful glazed-ceramic 2 1/4" incense "wheel" holder (colors will vary). Each pack of incense includes 40 sticks, 5 1/4" long. Best, is all snugly ensconced in a soft, straw-colored rice paper box. A great gift idea at a great price.

SALE $4.95(Reg. $8.95)

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