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Silk Scarf - Carmen

This beautifully marbled, hand painted neck scarf is a versatile fashion accessory for your wardrobe. The silk fashion scarf begins with untreated 8mm white silk. The silk is washed in a neutral PH solution to remove silk worm gums. The fabric is then placed in a marbling solution of carrageenan (powdered algae) and water. Marbling paint is dropped on the surface of this thickened water.

The paint droplets are now swept with combs and styluses. The final marbling design is dependent on the location of the teeth of the combs and styluses, so special care must be taken.

Once the marbling paint is combed properly, the silk is laid on the surface of the carrageenan base, and the silk permanently accepts the combed design. The final steps of marbling are to rinse, dry, heat set, and iron each piece. The design is now permanently set and hand washable. Each piece is an individual work of art. This beautiful fashion scarf measures 58" by 11". The marbling is done in rich shades of red and black and comes with a matching silk scarf clip to create a different look for any occasion. Comes boxed with a scarf tying booklet. Hand washable. Made in the USA. These scarves are individually marbled in the artist's studio, so light variations in color and pattern will occur.


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