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Silk Scroll - Black Bamboo

The importance and symbolism of Bamboo dates well back to ancient Japan and China. Due to it's long life, bamboo represents longevity, modesty and strength in that it nevers gives up growing taller and taller, all of the traits of good in man-kind.

Beautifully hand painted by a skilled artisan, this large silk scroll is artfully detailed and depicts bamboo in varying shades of gray and black on white paper. It is bordered in an elegant white silk brocade and finished with wood dowels. The calligraphy on the scroll is an excerpt of the famous Chinese poem by Su Dong Po. "Itís ok to have meals without meat but one cannot live without bamboo. One would only be thin without meat but would be empty hearted without bamboo."

Ready to hang, this scroll measures 62" long and 23" wide and promises to be the perfect finishing touch to any room. Comes nicely boxed and makes a very special gift.


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