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Silk Scroll - Red Fortune Symbol

This elegant silk fabric scroll is a reproduction of the famous calligraphy from the Qing Dynasty. This unique "fortune" character also comprises the words for "many sons", "more wealth", "much land" and "long life" which are noted to be the most important values in the traditional Chinese society. This scroll was originally written by the Kang XI emperor as a 60th birthday gift for his grandmother who was very ill. Legend has it that her health returned after receiving this precious gift and she lived to the age of 75. Expertly detailed, red fortune symbol is on black brocade silk bordered by cream colored silk. The outer borders of the scroll are finished in an elegant green and gold silk brocade and completed with wooden dowels. This scroll measures 40" long and 12" wide and promises to be the perfect finishing touch to any room. Comes in a blue brocade silk box and makes a wonderful gift.


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