The Heart's Wisdom

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The Heart's Wisdom

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The Heart's Wisdom:
Four Meditations for Cultivating Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity.
Audio CD Set | 2 CD's | Author: Bodhipaksa

The Brahmaviharas, also known as the Divine Abidings or Immeasurables, are four Buddhist meditation practices that help us awaken the heart's wisdom. They form a progressive series of meditations, starting with loving-kindness, exploring the interaction of loving-kindness with suffering and joy, and culminating in an insightful appreciation of the impermanent nature of both the highs and the lows that occur in our lives.

The practices are guided by Bodhipaksa, a highly experienced meditation teacher with a soothing Scottish lilt. Through the practice of the Brahmaviharas we can come to a profound sense of peace, an almost divine release from expectations, from judgment, from disappointment, and from the desire to control what is beyond our power to control. With this release arises a profound sense of calmness and a deep and enduring level of patience, a powerful sense of stillness and non-reactivity. We can arrive eventually at a deep acceptance of reality that is the fullness of the heart's wisdom.

These four guided meditations begin with an announcement of the track title, followed by approximately 30 seconds of silence to allow you time to set up your meditation posture.

Disc One 1. Development of Loving-kindness (37:15) 2. Development of Compassion (35:44)

Disc Two 3. Development of Empathetic Joy (35:48) 4. Development of Equanimity (34:45)

The CD set comes with a 12 page booklet with background information on these traditional meditation practices.

Audio CD Set | 2 CD's | ISBN: 9780972441445

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