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Tibetan Phurba Ritual Tool

Beautifully detailed and richly symbolic in Buddhist traditions, the Phurba (known as Kila in Sanskrit) is a triple sided Tibetan ritual tool. Each side represents one of the spirit worlds and the Phurba as a whole symbolizes the "axis" bringing all three worlds together. The three blades of the Phurba symbolize the overcoming or cutting through the three root poisons: ignorance, desire, and hatred. The faces represent expressions of the three basic emotions; joy, disgust and neutrality. The hat represents the journey through which the conscience escapes to reach the spiritual world. The lower part of the blade represents "Method" and the handle, "Wisdom. The Phurba is used to clear a space of its negative energy and to consecrate it. The Phurba is believed to have strong spiritual powers that subdue negative energy and evil spirits. The practice ritual releases the spirit from its anguish and guides it to rebirth as positive energy.

To use the Phurba, begin by meditating and chanting a prayer of protection. Next, invite the negative energy to enter the phurba. Then plunge the phurba into the ground or into a bowl of rice and visualize the negative energies caught beneath the blade and transformed into positive energy forces.

The Phurba measures 6" in length and 0.75" in diameter fitting comfortably in one hand. Made of brass and copper with an antique finish. Made in Nepal.