Who Are You?

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Who Are You?

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Who Are You? The Path of Self-Inquiry
Audio CD's | Author: Gangaji

In the search for truth, there is only one question that needs to be answered: Who am I? This inquiry into the self is the core of Advaita Vedanta (radical non-dualism), a timeless teaching for breaking free of mental bonds and reclaiming your true identity: the Infinite that is beyond death.

On Who Are You? American-born spiritual teacher Gangaji spells out the bedrock principles of self-inquiry, a cluster of no-nonsense concepts that reveal how to effortlessly step outside limited psychological conditioning and mental constructs into the freedom, expansiveness, and peace of your own true nature.

Audio CD Set | 2 CD's | Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
ISBN: 9781591793861

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