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Complete Tatami Room Kit

Complete Tatami Room Kit- ready to install!

Transform any indoor area into an elegant and calming Japanese-style Tatami room.

This set includes:

  • Shoji Door Kit

  • Four standard-sized Traditional Rice Straw filled Tatami Mats

  • One half-sized straw Tatami mat creating a perfect 9' x 9' "sacred space"

Each Tatami mat is lined with an attractive Zen Black fabric border and moisture resistant backing.

Our Complete Tatami Room Kit features the Shoji Door Kit. These doors are crafted with a durable, commercial grade Warlon. Warlon is an acrylic blended, puncture resistant material. Hand-selected, sustainable woods with rich finishes. This set includes all tracks and side rails along with complete assembly instructions. Current door kit selection is available in the drop down box.

Price includes all shipping/freight fees as well as residential (curb-side)delivery (continental US only). Furniture, room decor and window treatments shown are not included. Allow up to 10 business days for delivery. A "Chopa" Great Value!

Click here to view our Shoji Screen/Doors Informational Guide.


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