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Shoji Scroll Paper

Japanese rice papers are made with the extraordinarily long fibers from the Kozo (mulberry) bush making them very strong and absorbant that stands up to many art techniques.

Plain kozo paper is often used in monument rubbing, stenciling, dyeing, framing, book binding as well as sumi-e drawing, painting and brush calligraphy. The roll makes a large variety of paiting sizes possible from square to the traditional long narrow scroll composition.

Kozo is often chosen for collage, paper mache and marbling because it stays strong while wet. The fibers are translucent and can transmit light so Kozo paper is often used for lampshades and for shoji screens. The paper is thin enough to let light pass and it breathes allowing ventilation even when the screen panels are shut for warmth.

This roll of Japanese rice paper is ideal for Sumi-e calligraphy works of art and also for repair of a damaged panel on a shoji screen or for designing your custom shoji screen. A larger roll is also available. It measures 11" wide and the roll contains 60 feet. Made in Japan.