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Japanese Headbands

A Hachimaki is a Japanese headband or bandana.

Japanese headbands are considered to be a symbol of perseverance and courage. It is believed that hachimaki strengthens the spirit and protects the wearer from demons and evil spirits. Traditionally made of white cloth, headbands can be stylized to compliment a robe or a kimono costume.

Japanese hachimaki can be worn in ceremonies, parades, celebrations, marches, martial arts events or while working at home. These headbands are popular in theater groups and dance studios for performances.

We offer hachimaki with a rising sun or twin dragon alongside inspirational words and phrases. Made in Japan of 100% cotton. The headband measures 2 1/2" wide and 36" long.

Choose from six patterns:

A: "Kamikazi". Originating back to the 13th century when strong typhoon winds prevailed to aid Japan against ancient Chinese attacks. The Japanese named these winds Kamikazi or God's Wind.

B: Muteki is translated as "Invincible."

C: Twin Dragons. The Dragon has been revered for centuries and is said to hold primal and supernatural powers over the forces of nature, including rain and rivers. Also associated with wisdom, legend has it that Dragons are wiser than humans and represent longevity.

D: "Ninja Warrior". The mysterious nature of the Ninja dates back to 14th century Japan. Ninja activities were focused on covert actions of war. Folklore legends depict Ninja abilities to include invisibility, walking on water, and control over natural elements.

E: Hissho translates as "Victory".

F: Tohkon means "Fighting Spirit".

Product code : NAT-DG001

Price: $6.95

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Japanese Headbands
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Japanese Headbands
We picked up a dozen of these for a sales meeting to drive home a point about perseverance. Incorporating these headbands into parts of our meeting gave our team a lot of laughs and energy. They were popular at the happy hour afterwards as well!