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Men's Kimono - Golden Fans

This beautiful men's kimono robe symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Folding fans have a long history in Japan, dating back to the 6th century. While the origins of the fan vary, it is believed to have been invented by a farmer seeing a bat fold and unfold its wings. Fans have been used in numerous ways; from cooling off on a hot day, military use to send signals, referees judging Sumo wrestling matches, and dancers using them in the performing arts.

In ancient times, laws were passed so that folding fans could only be used by men and women of the elite, upper social class. It wasn't until the Edo period when folding fans became so popular that anyone could have one and the exportation of fans to other countries began.

This traditional Japanese kimono features golden fans set against a rich maroon and red background. Golden fans are considered a symbol of fortune, and prosperity, and are believed to attract wealth. The gold and black calligraphy accents complement the stylish design. Made in Japan of 100% cotton sateen. Cotton sateen is produced with the highest quality threads and is among the most expensive cotton fabrics available. It is breathable and has increased wear resistance. This men's robe has straight sleeves and a matching belt is included. Machine washable, we recommend cold water for best results. Cold water extends the life of the fabric and the design.

A kimono robe is perfect for lounging around the house or as a cover-up after a bath or shower.

This kimono is available in sizes: Large, Large/Tall, and XL/Wide.
Add $6.00 for sizes Large/Tall and larger.

Large, measures 58" in length and is designed to fit a man 5' 10" to 6' 3" in height. The sleeve length is 15", the shoulder width is 27" and the girth is 50".

Large/Tall (+$6.00), measures 62" in length and is designed to fit a man 6' to 6' 6" in height. The sleeve length is 15", shoulder width is 27", the girth is 50".

XL/Wide. (+$6.00), measures 58" in length with a wider and roomier fit. This yukata is designed to fit a man 5' 9" to 6' 2" in height. The sleeve length is 15", the shoulder width is 31" and the girth is 60".

To determine where the length of the kimono will fall on you, measure yourself with a tape measure from the top of your shoulder and down your front or side. If you prefer shorter robes, see our selection of Happi Coats which are short-length kimonos.

This kimono SHIPS FREE to anywhere in the USA.

Product code : CZ-842

Reg Price: $79.00Sale Price: $69.00

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Gorgeous Kimono 09/15/2021
By J. C.
I had a kimono handed down to me from an uncle but it wore out after many years. I recently ordered this and was blown away by the color and fabric. It is truly gorgeous and feels wonderful. I had never heard of sateen before but I am sold on it now. Thank you.