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red hachimaki
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Hachimaki - Red

A Hachimaki is a Japanese headband or bandana and sometimes called a kamakazi bandana.

Japanese headbands are often worn as a kimono or yukata accessory and considered a symbol of courage or perseverance. It is believed that hachimaki strengthen the spirit and protect the wearer from evil spirits and demons. Hachimaki compliment a robe or kimono costume. These headbands are also popular for theater groups, dance studios, parties, performances and competitions.

Made in Japan of 100% cotton. The headband measures 2 1/2" wide and 36" long.

Product code : NAT-DG004B

Price: $6.95

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Hachimaki - Red
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Hachimaki - Red
Great headbands
We bought a few of these for our son's sleepover party and the kids had such fun wearing them. They shipped the same day. Thank you.