The Sumi-E Book and Japanese Calligraphy Collection

The Sumi e book collections on this page will help young students study the sublime art of Sumi-e Painting. For several years, Sumi- e Brush painting has been an essential Japanese art skill, finding use in Zen home decor and meditation.

Also learn Japanese Calligraphy and Japanese Calligraphy Symbols from the book sets below. For centuries, Japanese Calligraphy has been used in Zen awareness techniques in order to clear the mind and to create 'mindfulness' without struggling. Indeed, by struggling, the artist ruins the paper - a work of Japanese caligraphy is a statement about the writer. In days when you couldn't rub out a mistake, it was the ultimate test of nerves.

Learn Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese calligraphy symbols and Sumi-E Brush painting from books presented by Chopa to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese and Zen culture. The perfect tools to practice Zen and to replicate the mindset of ancient masters.