Zafus, Zabutons, Meditation Cushions and Benches

Chopa Zen Home offers something for everyone. Since 1994, we have provided the finest quality zafus and zabutons. Our zafu meditation cushions are available in 100% cotton and organic fabrics, with natural fillings of cotton, organic cotton, kapok and buckwheat hulls. Made by skilled artisans in India, our meditation pillows are expertly stuffed and sewn. We know the importance of a good cushion for long periods of meditation, sitting, yoga, or simple relaxation. Our meditation benches are produced of natural hardwoods in several finishes and styles. Our meditation mats are handcrafted with close attention to detail and style.

Buy the best quality, yet economical Zafu meditation cushions, meditation mats and pillows from our web-based store. Use a zafu and zabuton set to create layers of support and comfort while meditating. These cushions help support your knees, legs and back during your practice, especially for long durations. Our benches and cushions help to maintain your correct body posture. All of our meditation accessories are made to enhance and make it more comfortable to sit on your knees and ankles, while providing the support and correct alignment you need during long meditation sessions. Our zafu and zabuton can also be used as everyday floor furniture that will accentuate your home décor while offering a casual and modern style to any room or sacred space.