Tibetan Buddhist Mala Beads, Japa Mala, Meditation/Prayer Beads

Do you want to buy authentic Buddhist meditation beads or wrist malas? Are you looking for Meditation mala beads to enhance your concentration power? We invite you to browse through our store. Shop for traditional mala beads with the auspicious number of 108 prayer beads or try our smaller wrist mala beads. By using our Buddhist beads, you will be able to keep your mind focused during your meditation practice or prayer.

Tibetan Buddhist Mala beads or Japa Mala are a centuries old mantra tool for the practice of prayer and meditation. These prayer beads are a symbol of a never ending cycle. Each bead in the mala counts a Sanskrit prayer or mantra. Each gemstone when combined with a specific mantra is thought to have special properties that empower healing, a better Each purchase comes with a free bag to protect your prayer beads.

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