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Sitting Meditation can help to improve health, calm the mind and open the heart. We offer handmade cushions, and meditation benches, inspiring altar accents and gongs.




resonate gongs to begin and end sitting


-tools for your  meditation practice

-statues and altar accents to inspire you

-handmade by expert craftspeople

Insight Meditation makes it simple to start meditating in the Buddhist tradition. This elegant gift-boxed set includes two exclusive compact discs with authentic guided meditations, complemented by study cards and a special instruction book with the beginner in mind. Join the popular cofounders of America’s oldest center for the study of Buddhist vipassana (or "insight") meditation, Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein, for this complete introduction to meditation as the Buddha first taught it. If you are curious about meditation but don’t know how to get started, here is the answer – in a box – Insight Meditation. $28.95   

Meditation plays a significant role in life, providing deep mental rest and freeing your mind of stress. Through regular meditation practice, you can experience calm, peace, and serenity. Whether you are a beginner or an established meditation practitoner, finding the right meditation tools and quality meditation supplies is the key to your success. Chopa Zen Home offers a variety of products ranging from meditation cushions and mats to gongs and meditation timers. With the use of our meditation tools, you will be able to enhance your meditation and make the most of every session.

Meditation is highly effective in improving health and soothing the mind. It also enhances the power of concentration, improves skills, talents, and communication, among many other benefits. Comfort is a vital and very important aspect of meditation and contemplation. We offer a fabulous selection of meditation products such as cushions, kneeling benches, and mats. We sell an array of meditation accessories that will enhance your sessions including meditation gongs, practice and ritual tools, meditation shawls, Buddhist mala beads, shrines, altars and statues. These are carefully selected to greatly enhance your meditation practice.

Our web-based store stocks a diverse range of products that cater to the needs of meditation practitioners of all levels. Whether you are a novice student or a seasoned veteran of meditation, you will find something to benefit your practice. Our range of Dharma supplies will help you practice meditation comfortably and successfully. Shop our large selection of meditation books, CD's and DVD's designed to increase your knowledge of this ancient ritual. Create the proper mood and environment for meditation, and enter into the deep state of calmness and inner peace. Shop our catalog of high quality meditation items now!