Japanese Incense Supplies Burners, Holders, Accessories

Chopa Zen Home & Gift his been one of the most popular names in the Japanese incense market since 1994. We are a leading Japanese incense supplier offering high quality products. From burners and holders, to accessories like rice ash, ceremonial charcoal, and more, we have everything to make your meditation sessions successful.

We stock incense holders in a wide array of materials like ceramic, bamboo, marble, and cast iron. Our selection includes different designs, shapes, and sizes. Each one has been hand-crafted with great care by talented artisans. Each is unique and for a captivating appearance, they are finished with skillful glazing and given a rich finish. We believe that each piece in our collection is a unique art work and makes a perfect choice for meditation, Buddhist shrine offerings, or everyday use. Some of the best selling incense holders in our collection include the Lotus Incense and Tea Light Holder, Buddha Leaf Incense Holder, Lotus Incense Holder with Heart Sutra Excerpt, and the Shoyeido Ceramic Incense holder.

Besides these elegantly designed holders, we provide a classic collection of incense burners like Japanese Cast Iron Incense Burner, Brass Incense Burner Lidded Dragon, Cast Iron Incense Burner with Lid, and more. We also sell a wide range of incense accessories like rice ash, square charcoal, Japanese Ceremonial and Charcoal. All these items make wonderful incense gifts. Shop now and browse through our collection of these beautiful products for close friends, relatives, or yourself.