Shoji screens, Room Dividers - Chopa Zen Home And Gift

Chopa offers a fine selection of Shoji Screens and Room Dividers. Create your own sacred space - one that will bring calm, one that will be noticed. Create privacy and ambiance with our handcrafted screens and room dividers. Shoji is an essential component of Japanese or Zen home décor. It creates a warm and inviting environment. You can use our multi-purpose Shoji room dividers and screens to create privacy, decorate a room, create a warm ambiance, and make the space more tranquil and stylish. Our room dividers and screens are made of sustainable woods. Our doors and screens feature fiber reinforced Shoji paper offering the look and feel of rice paper, but stronger and longer-lasting. Each room divider screen is light and airy, and can be used to define sections in larger rooms while still providing a feel of openness. Visit our Japanese Home Décor Books section for more Japanese, Zen inspired decor ideas.

Chopa specializes in modern Japanese-styled and Oriental wooden Shoji screens, Shoji panels, Bamboo paper screens, and Shoji room dividers.