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Sumi-E-Sumi Ink & Suzuri

Chopa brings you the finest Japanese Brushes and Sumi e Ink. Find the best Suzuri and Suzuri Bako cases made by genuine craftsmen. We have all colors of Sumi ink as well as refills in case you run out!
Japanese painting has evolved differently from that of other cultures. Like all art forms, it reflects the mediums that are used to create it. For example, Japanese art would not be what it is, were it not for the unique Japanese Brushes and Sumi e Ink. Together, these create the special movements and images that are characteristic of Japanese Painting. Along with them, the Suzuri is also a part of these implements.

Of course, to keep them all together, you can use an exquisite Suzuri Bako made of lacquered wood. You can also have a stand for various types of brushes such as the Japanese Calligraphy Brush and the Japanese Brush Pen.