Meditation Timers, Zen Alarm and Zen Clock varieties

Having difficulty with your meditation practice? Is timing an issue when you meditate? At, we offer both functional and attractive timers, which will free your mind from “clock-watching”. It is important to focus on your meditation practice, so we offer various digital meditation timers, meditation clocks, and Zen alarms.

If accuracy and precision timing is essential, our digital timers are a great choice. If your preference lies in a more visually appealing timer with calming sound, our Zen clocks are another option to choose.

Our meditation timers have been beautifully designed and feature a relaxing, long-resonating acoustic sound to soothingly bring your meditation session to a close. They are portable, so you can easily carry them anywhere you wish to meditate – whether on a bench, a tranquil and quiet space, or on a comfortable meditation mat. Our timers can be used not only for meditation purposes, but also for starting and ending events like meetings, classes and even naps on the beach.

Our fine selection of meditation timers include the Enso Asari Meditation Timer & Clock – Sage, Enso Ansari Meditation Timer & Clock – Oyster, Enso Pearl Meditation Timer – Alarm Clock, Pewter Inspirational Desk Clock, Dragonfly Wood Clock, and more. We are confident that you will love them all.

Some of the items in our collection are available at discounted prices. Shop now!